13 reasons Fall is a great time to visit Central Florida

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With all the attractions, theme parks, restaurants, and water parks, Central Florida is a very popular destination throughout the year……but why is September so special??

  1. Theme parks are not crowded. Smaller crowds mean shorter lines.
  2. There is still plenty of sun for your favorite water park that is not nearly as crowded as the summer months.
  3. There are many new attractions just waiting for you to experience
  4. Disney is scheduled to open a third Toy Story track in Disney Hollywood Studios on Memorial Day weekend—that will mean shorter wait times, and perhaps the ability to ride more than once on this super-popular target ride.
  5. Soarin’ over the World is scheduled to open on June 17 with 3 theaters in EPCOT. This is also a hugely popular attraction that most guests want to ride again and again, especially with the new video.
  6. Frozen Ever After is an easy-going boat ride that features scenes and songs from Disney’s popular movie Frozen. Scheduled to open in June, Frozen Ever After is in the Norway pavilion in Epcot.
  7. Finding Dory is set to open in the Living Seas pavilion in EPCOT in June. This attraction is based on the new Disney movie that is a spinoff from Nemo.
  8. Disney Springs will have completed their town center in the newly named “Disney Springs.” Restaurants and shopping are themed and accessed by 2 huge indoor parking garages. This area used to be Disney Downtown and Pleasure Island.
  9. The new Hulk roller coaster is opening in June in Universal’s Island of Adventures. This will be the same ride as the previous Hulk, but a much smoother track and engaging themed queue line. Yes, you still go upside down 7 times!
  10. Skull Island will open this summer at Universal’s Island of Adventure. Take a tour through Skull Island and brace yourself for a King Kong encounter—maybe even a dinosaur fight for survival with Kong.
  11. It’s hard to imagine, but the lines are shorter for all of the Harry Potter attractions at Universal. You can take the train from Hogsmead to London, tour Gringott’s Bank, and join Harry on his Forbiden Journey—all with shorter wait times.
  12. SeaWorld debuts a new roller Mako roller coaster—fastest and highest in Orlando
  13. Ride the Orlando Eye—a 400 foot high Ferris Wheel on International Drive. The “new” International Drive also has new attractions such as an aquarium, Madam Tussaud’s Museum, and new shopping and restaurant experiences.

Rates for Tropical Retreat are discounted $30 per night for all of September based on a Saturday to Saturday stay.

Why not save some money, ride multiple times on your favorite rides, and enjoy the sun with fewer crowds.

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