“…this home is the best vacation home we have rented…”

In Testimonials by tkpuffer

Fantastic Family Vacation Rental

I honestly have to say that this home is the best vacation home we have rented and the owners have done a excellent job at paying attention to every detail! The home is labeled beautifully throughout and well stocked. The beds are very comfortable! It is well maintained and the community is very nice and also kept extremely well. I loved pulling into the community in the evening and seeing the dolphin fountains! The pool and spa were absolutely awesome to enjoy after long days at the parks. The game room kept my four kids extra busy and provided them with lots of enjoyment. My kids loved this home, I loved this home, the husband loved this home and my in-laws whom stayed for a partial week with us during a local family wedding regretted having to leave so soon because they too LOVED this home! I will be booking this property again next time we visit!

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