This was our second stay at the Tropical retreat and it did not disappoint!

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This was our second stay at the Tropical retreat and it did not disappoint! We have an adult son with autism and he loved the theming and the game room so much that he wanted to stay here again. We do not have any small children in our family at this point, but our adult children enjoyed the house very much! The Simpsons pinball machine is so much fun! You will find all you need in this home to be comfortable and entertained during your hours away from the parks. It is also a great location very close to the Disney Parks and many restaurants. We enjoyed discovering 2 new restaurants close by on this stay: Chuy's Mexican and Shula Burger. This home is about 20 -30 minutes away from Universal & Sea World. We also enjoyed the Orlando Outlet mall that is about 20 minutes away. You should also try one of the mini golf courses- Congo River Golf is our favorite. There is a reason that this house gets booked so far in advance. We have stayed in 5 other vacation homes and this is definitely the standout. The property owners really go the extra mile to insure that their guest have an extra special experience. We really appreciated all the information and complimentary items that they sent us prior to the stay. During our stay Terry was very easy to contact when we had any questions. I'm sure this will not be our last visit to the Tropical Retreat.

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